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Ideally positionned between Nantes and La Baule, between beaches and countryside, the castle of Deffay is located in the middle of a rommantic landscape of wood and ponds. Deffay is a important seignorial filled since the 15th century, and the current castle « neo renaissance » is habited since five generations by the family, evokes the rich history of the place, in particular the Vendeen epope of the Duchess of Berry in 1832. The large luxury rooms with old furniture, staircase with double flight, spacious bedrooms and confortable are the living environment of the young couple, which lives and gives a new life to this place where they will accomodable you as a friend.

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Château du Deffay

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Château du Deffay

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The castle, the charming guest rooms.

The Deffay, a place to discover, to be moved, halfway between nature and traditions, Daydreaming and share the life of Castle ... A stay, some holidays, a romantic week-end, a wedding or a seminar in a calme and very reeting place, are they words of the castle of Deffay.

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chateau du Deffay

Le Deffay

44160 Sainte-Reine-de-Bretagne

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